City Crews Rerouting Flood-Prone Section of Third Creek Greenway

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City Crews Rerouting Flood-Prone Section of Third Creek Greenway

Posted: 08/28/2014
August 28, 2014 - If you see underbrush being cleared along a section of Third Creek Greenway, don't be startled. The work by City of Knoxville Public Service Department crews is part of a greenway maintenance project designed to reroute a section of the trail that's prone to frequent flooding.

The work will extend into the late fall, while a section of Third Creek Greenway near Tobler Lane in West Knoxville is being rerouted. A new stretch of asphalt, roughly 650 feet long, will be laid on slightly higher ground, while the old section of the greenway will be removed and the area restored to a natural setting.

Third Creek Greenway will remain open throughout the project, although occasional intermittent closures may occur when crews enter and leave the site.

"This stretch of the greenway floods regularly," said Chad Weth, the City's Deputy Director of Public Service. "The water run-off causes the trail to get full of mud and debris many times throughout the year, making it difficult for walkers, bicyclists and joggers to use the greenway after a hard rain.

"Fixing the drainage issue would be impossible due to the trail's low elevation and the surrounding terrain, so the best long-term option is to move the trail closer to the railroad tracks. This will raise the elevation considerably and allow the drainage to flow under the trail."

City Parks and Recreation Director Joe Walsh predicted that greenway users will be pleased with the improved route.

"Third Creek is a very popular greenway," he said, "and we think the people who regularly use and enjoy this trail will really be pleased that the flooding and mud problems are being remedied. We frequently receive complaints about mud and debris on this section of the greenway and look forward to the fix."