KUB Power Restoration Update - 5,500 Without Power

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KUB Power Restoration Update - 5,500 Without Power

Posted: 07/28/2014
July 28, 2014 - Last night's storms left widespread damage and power outage across the KUB service territory. While power has been restored to a significant number of customers thus far, hundreds of outage locations scattered throughout Knox and surrounding counties remain. Debris including downed trees and damaged structures have made restoration more challenging, and KUB still anticipates this to be a multiple day event. 
At the height of the storm, in excess of 35,000 customers were without power. With approximately 30,000 customers already restored, 5,500 remain without power as of 12 noon Monday.

KUB immediately began assessing damage following the storm. A total of 87 KUB and contractor crews from the region have been working to assess damages, clear trees and debris, and repair poles and lines today. KUB will continue to work non-stop to restore power to all customers, with crews working 16-hour rotating shifts around-the-clock to restore power to all customers.

The safety of KUB workers and the public continues to be the focus as restoration efforts are still underway following Sunday's storms. Crews are working as quickly and safely as possible, given the hazards of downed lines and trees that can conduct electricity. Large numbers of trees and wires were reported to be on the ground following the storm. KUB continues to advise customers that those lines could be energized, and they should stay well away from any downed lines.

Restoration Status Update:

Critical system loads that include communications systems, water/wastewater pump stations, hospitals, and other services vital to public welfare. Near completion Transmission lines (the backbone of the electric system) serving large numbers of customers. In progress Substation equipment that can impact large numbers as well. Complete Distribution lines serving subdivisions, large housing areas, and commercial areas. In progress Service lines and transformers that serve small numbers of customers. Pending Service lines and transformers serving individual customers. Pending

KUB is operating in Storm Mode, meaning the primary focus company-wide is the complete restoration of power. This means that other services such as Start/Stop service requests and other non-storm related field work, will be delayed.

Customers are also reminded to call KUB at 865-524-2911 or 1-800-250-8068 to report outages. KUB extends its sincere appreciation to its customers for their kind support of its restoration crews.

Customers with Damaged Service Lines, Weatherheads, and Meter Centers: 
If there is damage to customer equipment attached to the dwelling such as weatherheads, conduits, and meter centers, that customer should contact a licensed electrician for repair. Visit the following link for more detailed information. www.kub.org/wps/portal/Customers/PowerOutages

For your convenience, the latest outage numbers and storm tips can be found at our Web site, www.kub.org.