Multiple Drug and Felony Arrests Earns Unit Special Recognition

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Multiple Drug and Felony Arrests Earns Unit Special Recognition

Posted: 09/22/2014
September 22, 2014 - Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and Police Chief David Rausch awarded a Unit Citation to East District Delta Squad for their numerous DUI, drug and felony arrests in June.

Chief Rausch said that East Delta Squad had 9 DUI arrests, 19 drug arrests, and recorded 20 felony arrests during the month of June. These arrests meant East District Delta Squad had 31% of drug charges and 57% of weapons charges for the entire patrol division in June. The squad recovered 6 handguns and had 2 charges for convicted felons in possession of a handgun as well as 6 charges of prohibited possession of a handgun.

Highlights of some the squad's activities included:

On June 7, 2014, East Delta Squad officers responded to a domestic violence call where a female had suffered multiple injuries. The suspect fled on foot. Officer Derrick White located the suspect which resulted in a foot pursuit into the woods. The suspect pulled out a handgun and fired at the officer striking him twice. When a second officer arrived on the scene the suspect pulled a second handgun forcing the officers to discharge their weapons to protect themselves.

On June 12, 2014, Officer Joshua Hurst reviewed suspect wanted bulletins prior to going on patrol. A suspect wanted for an aggravated robbery at a store in West Town Mall was listed along with information on the suspect's girlfriend. Approximately 30 minutes later, while about to enter a convenient store on Broadway, Officer Hurst observed the suspects walking toward the entrance to the store. Officer Hurst stopped and held the door open for them so he could confirm that they were the wanted individuals. Once the suspects were inside the store, Officer Hurst requested backup. The suspects were arrested without incident as they were leaving the store. The handguns (Airsoft Pistols that looked like real handguns) used in the robbery along with the stolen merchandise were recovered from the suspect's vehicle.

On June 16, 2014, Officer Dana Crocker and Officer Sam Henard responded to an armed robbery call at a convenient store on Maryville Pike. The victims indicated the business was robbed at gunpoint by more than one individual. The suspects fled in an older Lexus. Officer Crocker located the vehicle a few minutes later. Three suspects were still in the vehicle. Although they had changed clothes, the clothes they were wearing during the robbery were located inside the car. The suspects also had money stolen from the business in their possession. The weapon used during the robbery was also discovered inside the car. These same suspects were identified as the individuals responsible for another business robbery on Southerland Avenue that had occurred 4 days earlier. The suspects were charged with two counts of Aggravated Robbery.

On June 24, 2014, Officer Henard observed a Jeep Cherokee near Valley View and Whittle Springs. Officer Henard quickly turned around so he could get behind the vehicle. Officer Henard, assisted by several squad members, conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle on Valley View. The four occupants of the jeep were identified as the suspects wanted for an early morning homicide on Valley View. All four suspects were charged with First Degree Murder, Attempted Aggravated Robbery, Especially Aggravated Robbery, and Possession of a Firearm during a Dangerous Felony.

Chief Rausch said, "All East Delta Squad officers put forth an outstanding quality of service to the department and the community. Each officer demonstrated services beyond normal expectations and department standards while working as a squad."

"These officers performed their duties exceptionally and are deserving of this special recognition," Chief Rausch concluded.

Lt. Chris Baldwin
Sgt. Jonathan Chadwell
Sgt. Lance Earlywine
Officer Kevin Crigger
Officer Gerald George
Officer Sam Henard
Officer Zachery Herman
Officer Joshua Hurst
Officer Adam Moore (K9)
Officer John Pickens
Officer Deric Runge
Officer Scott Solomon
Officer Haley Starr
Officer Michael Tucker
Officer Thomas Turner
Officer Dereck White
Officer Joseph Whitehed (K9)