Veteran Electrical Inspector Greg Taylor Promoted

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Veteran Electrical Inspector Greg Taylor Promoted

Posted: 05/12/2014
May 12, 2014 - Greg Taylor - the son of an electrician, with uncles and cousins in the trade - always knew he'd be making a career working with electricity.

But he didn't know as a youngster that he'd one day be overseeing 14,400 electrical inspections every year.

On May 1, Taylor was promoted to be the City of Knoxville's Chief Electrical Inspector.

Taylor replaces Ernie Broome, who was a sort of mentor to him. Broome retired at the end of April after 37 years with the City - 20 years as Chief Electrical Inspector.

Taylor, just like Broome, had 17 years of experience with the City under his belt when he was elevated to the chief inspector's job.

"Our job is to protect people and their property," Taylor said. "It's a very rewarding experience, knowing you're doing something this important every day.

"And, we do it well. About half the projects we review need some sort of correction, but we work with the contractors and owners. We don't say just no - we explain why it needs to be done in a more safe manner, and how it can be done most easily."

With so much redevelopment of century-old buildings underway, Taylor said each project is unique and presents its own challenges.

"A lot of them are attached buildings that were never intended to meet modern safety codes," he said. "Each is a different puzzle, and we work with the owners to get it right. Our goal is to make each one safe."

Taylor graduated from Central High School, and he has a wife of 17 years, Lisa, a daughter, Emily, 15, and two sons from a previous marriage, Michael, 31, and Brian, 29. But none seem headed into a career in electricity, he said.

"I was raised to be an electrician since I was knee-high," Taylor said. "I couldn't imagine doing anything else."