City Staff, Webpage Provide Information on New Sign Regulations


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News item

City Staff, Webpage Provide Information on New Sign Regulations

Posted: 07/30/2015
City Council last week adopted a comprehensive 39-page sign ordinance with hundreds of components. The City’s Plans Review and Inspections staff is ready to assist any citizens or property owners with questions about the new sign regulations or about filing for a sign construction permit.

In addition, the City has created a new webpage to help citizens better understand the new ordinance. Visit

The new regulations, now in effect, set updated standards and requirements for different types of signs in different zones. The ordinance also sets new regulations for heights and size of signs in commercial areas, as well as a process for removing abandoned signs.
“We understand there are a lot of changes in the sign ordinance,” said Peter Ahrens, Plans Review and Inspections Director. “We’ll help business and property owners work through the application process.”

The new ordinance divides aspects of sign regulations into 15 separate, clearly-organized sections. One objective of the ordinance update was to make it easier for citizens and permit applicants to find and understand the provisions of the ordinance. Previously, the sign regulations – some untouched for decades – were poorly organized; the old ordinance was difficult to navigate.

The new ordinance centralizes all regulations of signs in one place, presented in an orderly lineup of sections that allows users to more quickly find a specific provision and access information.
“I’m encouraged by the clarity the ordinance provides,” Ahrens said. “Owners now have clear regulations organized in a logical format to determine allowable signage for their business.”

You can read a PDF of the full 39-page sign ordinance here.

Questions may be directed to Plans Review and Inspections at 865-215-2999.