City Taking Additional Steps to Discourage Quarry Jumpers

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Kristin Farley
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News item

City Taking Additional Steps to Discourage Quarry Jumpers

Posted: 05/11/2015
Fort Dickerson Quarry Mayor Madeline Rogero announced today several steps to further discourage people from jumping off the cliffs surrounding the quarry at Fort Dickerson Park.

Jumping into the quarry is illegal. Several people have died jumping there over the years, including three men this spring.

The City plans to erect signs and physical barriers at the most common jump points, to make clear the very real dangers. There will also be an increased presence of Knoxville Police Department officers in the park. Anyone who trespasses on or jumps from the cliffs will be subject to citation or arrest.

"People have died. We are taking this very seriously," Mayor Rogero said. "I want people to understand that jumping into the quarry from any height is extremely dangerous. Those who jump are putting themselves at risk of serious injury or death. They are also putting in danger the rescue crews who have to go into the quarry after them."