Henley Street Pedestrian Bridge Temporarily Reopens

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News item

Henley Street Pedestrian Bridge Temporarily Reopens

Posted: 05/13/2015
Renovation and improvements to the Henley Street pedestrian bridge at Clinch Avenue are not complete, but the bridge has temporarily reopened to accommodate several major events during the next month. The bridge will close again on June 8 for the completion of the scheduled improvements. 

Among the events scheduled this month at World's Fair Park, the Knoxville Convention Center and UT Conference Center are Destination Imagination, University of Tennessee Summer Camp and Freedom Schools training, which combined will bring thousands of pedestrians to the area. 

Improvements to the pedestrian bridge are part of a $2.68 million infrastructure upgrade that will improve the experience of pedestrians approaching World's Fair Park and the Knoxville Convention Center from two sides. The Henley Street pedestrian bridge was first constructed for the 1982 World's Fair and then modified in the '90s during the construction of the Knoxville Convention Center. 

Bridge improvements include a frosted glass roof, already in place, and replacement of the metal cage fencing with perforated metal panels (still to come). 

Other elements of the project include:

• The crosswalk canopy at Locust Street and Clinch Avenue and the sidewalk canopy next
to the Hilton garage will be replaced with frosted glass roof panels.

• The Clinch Avenue Viaduct will get a new look with streetscape additions. The three traffic lanes will be reduced to two lanes, and bicycle lanes will be added on both sides. 

• The sidewalks on the viaduct will be widened and street trees, landscaping and benches will be added to make it a better pedestrian and bicycle connector between Fort Sanders, World's Fair Park and Downtown.