KUB Downtown Century II Utilities Project Moving to Phase 3

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KUB Downtown Century II Utilities Project Moving to Phase 3

Posted: 12/14/2015
KUB Downtown Century II Utilities ProjectKUB and its contractor, Garney Construction, began the first of three phases of the Downtown Century II Utilities Upgrade Project in July 2014.
Phase 1 was completed ahead of schedule in February 2015.

Phase 2 of the project began that same month, and work on that portion of the project is scheduled for completion by January 2016. Since then, work has been performed on more than 17,000 feet of water main and just over 11,000 feet of wastewater main. Crews also installed more than 40 fire hydrants, and rehabilitated or replaced over 40 wastewater manholes. 

Due to the close proximity of work zones in the downtown area, crews began construction in the Phase 3 work zone in November 2015.

The Phase 3 work zone includes the area west of Market Street, extending north to Vine Avenue and south to Hill Avenue, and west to Cumberland Avenue at Eleventh Street. Phase 3 of the project also includes overnight work on Henley Street.   

Like Phases 1 & 2, Phase 3 will include road, lane, and sidewalk closures to facilitate safe access for equipment and workers. KUB will coordinate all closures and detours with the City of Knoxville. Alternate access will be provided for businesses and parking facilities. KUB and Garney Construction will also coordinate construction schedules to minimize the impact on special downtown events. 

Construction methods will include open-cut replacement, as well as trenchless construction methods. Weekday work hours will generally be limited to 6 a.m.-6 p.m., with some night and weekend work possible in order to meet project milestone dates. Construction is expected to be completed in all areas by spring 2017. 

KUB will continue to post regular updates throughout the project on its website at www.kub.org, and on the KUB Facebook page. Additionally, KUB has set up a blog at http://downtowncentury2project.blogspot.com to keep customers informed about project milestones. Customers can call 865-558-2330 after normal business hours to leave a message that will be followed-up with a call from a KUB representative by the end of the next business day.