State Tree-Planting Grant to Enhance Urban Canopy

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News item

State Tree-Planting Grant to Enhance Urban Canopy

Posted: 09/16/2015
Tree Planting In November, crews will begin planting 500 trees citywide – 335 of them through a $20,000 state Department of Agriculture grant.

More than 30 different species of trees have been chosen for plantings, and locations were selected after weighing the need to increase tree canopy shade and the soil volume available to sustain newly-planted trees.

The areas or sites where trees will be planted include:

• North Broadway
• Cal Johnson Recreation Center
• Clinton Highway
• Hall of Fame Drive
• Island Home Avenue
• Middlebrook Pike
• Park Ridge
• Safety Building
• Sherrill Boulevard

The City will match the state grant, part of the Department of Agriculture’s Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program, with $20,000 in local funds.

“One of requirements of the grant was to add canopy trees, large shade trees, so we looked at areas that needed more tree cover,” said the City’s Urban Forester, Kasey Krouse. “Many of these areas were once home to a thriving urban canopy that over the decades has become diminished by pests, diseases and urban sprawl. 

“This state grant is a key component in giving these areas the canopy and tree infrastructure needed to reduce air and noise pollution, allow property owners to save energy, create habitat for wildlife and improve water quality. These trees will enhance community aesthetics and increase property values.”

The City’s contractor, Avalawn Inc., will complete the plantings by March 1, 2016.