East and Northeast Knoxville Economic Summit Sept. 29, 2016

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Kristin Farley
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400 Main St., Room 691
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East and Northeast Knoxville Economic Summit Sept. 29, 2016

Posted: 09/19/2016
The attached media advisory is being forwarded on behalf of City Councilman Nick Della Volpe.

City Council member Nick Della Volpe and members of four area business and professional associations, together with Knoxville Chamber, Metropolitan Planning Commission, and Knoxville Entrepreneur Center representatives well hold a East and Northeast Knoxville Economic Summit from 5-7:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 29, 2016 at the John T. O’Connor Senior Citizens Center, 611 Winona St.

Knoxville City Council member Nick Della Volpe sees potential for retail growth and medical services in the northeast quadrant of the city. The area is under served.  That's why neighborhoods and businesses are coming together at the summit.

The process started with an online consumer survey in the summer, asking area residents where they shop and what types of retailers, restaurants, and health-care providers they’d like to see start up in the north and east part of the city. People want to shop local, not constantly trek out west for their needs.

On Sept. 29, Della Volpe is convening what he calls an East and Northeast Knoxville Economic Summit at the O’Connor Center, 611 Winona St. Della Volpe hopes to bring together business owners, entrepreneurs, and area residents to talk about the area’s retail prospects – what residents want, and what businesses need. He intends to share the findings of the earlier online survey along with demographic data gathered by the MPC, as well as traffic information and crime statistics.

“This is a win-win gathering,” Della Volpe said, "a true dialogue. The residents have an opportunity to express their demand-side needs to the supply-side businesses. They’ll be able to tell them face to face what they want to be able to purchase locally. And the business owners will be able to explain what they need in order to start a successful operation.”

After introductory remarks and presentation of key data, the participants will re-assemble into several working Roundtable groups: Lower Broadway and Central Street, Upper Broadway and Fountain City, Magnolia Avenue and Burlington, the Knoxville Center Mall and the business district around Interstate 640 Exit 8, as well as the eastern end of Asheville Highway to the Holston River.

“Those groups will be moderated by the Fountain City Business and Professional Association, the North Knoxville Business and Professional Association, the East Towne Business Alliance, and the East Knoxville Business and Professional Association,” Della Volpe said.

“It’s important that people appreciate the opportunities that exist in the North and East quadrant,” the councilmember said. “It’s home to 48,000 people, and another 110,000 people live within a 15-minute drive of East Towne, for example. That’s a big market.

“What we need is frank, focused discussion. I hope this summit draws a large, diverse turnout, from lots of neighborhoods. Being united, clearly stating what business development we’d most like to see, and talking about any real or perceived obstacles is an important starting point in encouraging new business investments in East and Northeast Knoxville. Folks, we are open for business!"