New Members Appointed to Business Advisory Council

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News item

New Members Appointed to Business Advisory Council

Posted: 08/16/2017

Mayor Madeline Rogero has appointed 12 new members of her Business Advisory Council, reflecting a broad range of local businesses and owners. The Mayor’s appointments were unanimously supported by City Council at its meeting Tuesday night.

Members of the Business Advisory Council, or BAC, serve in an advisory and partnership capacity to promote regular and open communication between City government and businesses. The council gives advice to the Office of Business Support; brings issues and concerns related to doing business in Knoxville to the attention of the City administration; proposes responses and solutions to address these concerns; and provides feedback on City initiatives and proposals affecting business.

“This is a key advisory panel, so it’s crucially important that its members represent the wide diversity of entrepreneurs, professionals, retailers and service providers that make up Knoxville’s business community,” said Patricia Robledo, the City’s Business Liaison.

“These are business leaders who have volunteered to serve as a sounding board. We’ll be asking them how issues or policies affect local small businesses. But it’s very much a two-way street. They’ll have great ideas that they’ll be sharing to help make Knoxville even more business-friendly.”

The newly appointed members (and their businesses) are:

• Mackey Brownlee, Brownlee Realty;
• Phyllis Burns, Burns Mailing & Printing;
• Jody Collins, Feral Giant;
• Lisa Cyr, Nothing Too Fancy;
• Wade Esau, Elo Touch Solutions;
• Deidra Harper, B&B Lawn Services;
• Charles Houston, CA Inc.;
• Raul Rangel, Work Now Inc.;
• Josh Smith, Master Dry;
• Tommy Smith; Ackermann PR;
• Kira Frazier-Jones, KIRA/The Spa Suites; and
• Mary Ann Stackhouse, Lewis King PC.

The new BAC members will serve two-year terms through summer 2019. The BAC meets every other month, beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 17, in Room 549 in the City County Building.

Learn more about the BAC